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The Central Blood Register (CBR) is a voluntary register for people willing to donate Rhesus Negative blood in the event of an emergency. The CBR aims to help coordinate between the demand, donors and the Thai Red Cross blood bank. Any hospital, organization or individual can approach the CBR 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
Rhesus Negative (Rh-) blood is very rare among Thai people so the Thai Red Cross Blood Bank sometimes does not have adequate stores of Rh- blood when it is urgently needed.  The Central Blood Register is a resource for Embassies, other hospitals, the Thai Red Cross and individuals to call when Rh- blood is needed.  Calls can then be made to the volunteers on the list to look for an eligible and available donor.  Registered donors can be removed from the list at any time.

The CBR was created in 1996 by two members of the British Women’s Group following the near death of one of its members after the very traumatic delivery of her second child. The creators consolidated a list of expatriates (who were willing to donate their blood in an emergency) and liaised with the British, Australian and New Zealand Embassies informing them of the register in the event that they were contacted by any Nationals requiring Rh negative blood. In 2007 the role of administering the CBR was handed to BNH Hospital.

Rhesus negative blood is rare, about 15% in Europeans and less than 1% in Asians. When this blood type is required donors are rare, which can cause major problems. First of all it is not always available when needed.
Secondly, if a volunteer wishes to donate regularly the red cells can only be stored for up to 6 weeks, but the platelets last only 5 days. To avoid wasting valuable blood supplies, it may be advised that donors wait for the CBR to contact you personally when the demand for blood increases.
We will call suitable donors and ask them to go to the Thai Red Cross Blood Bank until the demand is satisfied.

Centralising the coordination of volunteers will help speeding up the process of finding a suitable donor and avoid unnecessary travel to the Blood Bank and possibly wasting valuable resources. The Central Blood Register will facilitate all hospitals in finding suitable donors and will give you the peace-of-mind that an effective source is in place if you should need rhesus negative blood.